HP,MAT,CRIT,HIT,AGILITY these are the most important gems you will need because mage as you may know already don't have high lives but are good with high attacks so this gem placement let you drag the battle out a little with you mage HP gems and give you a very good chance to win with your high damage.


Armor is more important if not the most important since mages have low life your main froces on armor should be your legs,chest,and head after that you're staff and ring last your agility 


The most important hero for a mage is a tank because he will soak up all the damage will you destory your enemy behind your shield then when he finally break through you'll have high health still will your enemy does not look so good anymore. the other hero's are up to you but you should make sure your tank can stay alive for a long time. 16:25, April 16, 2015 (UTC)Octavious Davis