There are 6 Types of Evolutions and Perfect Evolve/Upgrade (Hero, Angel, Artifacts)

  • Hero Evolve
  • Mount Evolve
  • Angel Evolve
  • Totem Evolve
  • Artifact Evolve
  • Amulet Evolve

Hero Evolve:

Evolve Button

Hero Evolve Turns your into the Next Stage

Every Ruby/Mythic Hero to Gold/Celestial Heroes Will have a Evolvement from 1st to 3rd stage

Main Requirement Other Requirements
Train to [Zeus Opus] Immortal Spirit
Evolution Crests

Mount Evolve:


Mount Evolution Turns your Old Mount into a Brand New Mount and there Skill has been Changed or Improved

Some Mounts are Able to Evolve than others

Main Requirement: Other Requirements
Evolve Mount Crests Need Other Mounts Evolved or Activated

Angel Evolve:


Angel Evolve is a Function Allows you to Empowers your Angels to becoming Extremely Strong

Main Requirement Seraph's Stones

Angel Stats Per Evolve Elem. Shields
Angel PATK +5% Elemental Shield Lvl. 1
Angel MATK +5% Elemental Shield Lvl. 2
Crit +5% Elemental Shield Lvl. 3
Hit +5% Elemental Shield Lvl. 4
Angel Agility +5% Elemental Shield Lvl. 5
ELEM. Damage Elemental Shield Lvl. 6
Fire Damage +1k to 100k (Max) Elemental Shield Lvl. 7
Ice Damage +1k to 100k Elemental Shield Lvl. 8
Electro Damage +1k to 100k Elemental Shield Lvl. 9
Elemental Shield Lvl. 10
Elemental Shield Lvl. 11
Elemental Shield Lvl. 12
Elemental Shield Lvl. 13
Elemental Shield Lvl. 14
Elemental Shield Lvl. 15
Elemental Shield Lvl. 16
Elemental Shield Lvl. 17
Elemental Shield Lvl. 18
Elemental Shield Lvl. 19
Elemental Shield Lvl. 20
Elemental Shield (locked)

*NOTE* Success Rate increases per [Evolve] if you want to know more on Evolving faster check Tips and Tricks

Angel Evolvement Costs per [Evolve] Total Seraph (Approx.)
[Common] 0star 1x 10 Seraphs
[Uncommon] 1star 2x 10-30 Seraphs
[Rare] 2star 3x 40-60 Seraphs
[Epic] 3star 4x 100-200 Seraphs
[Legendary] 4star 5x 250-400 Seraphs
[Mythic] 5star 6x 650-950 Seraphs
[Celestial] 6star 8x 1k - 1.5k Seraphs
[Majestic] 7star 10x 2.5k - 3.5k Seraphs
[Unearthly] 8star 12x 5.5k - 7k Seraphs
[Ungodly] 9star 15x 12k - 15k Seraphs
[Excelsior] 10star 15x 16k - 20k Seraphs
[Imperious] 11star 19k - 24k
[Enlightened] 12star 20k - 24k
[Beginning] 13star 25k - 29k
[Taichu] 14star 30k - 34k
[Ethereal] 15stars 35k - 39k
[Supreme] 16stars 40k - 44k
[Unprecedented] 17stars 45k - 49k
[Unrepeatable] 18stars 50k - 54k
[Master] 19stars 55x 55k - 59k
[Expert] 20stars 55x ? To Be Continued ?

Totem Evolve:

Totem Evolve

Totem Evolvement is a powerful Function that will impower your Heroes Always Requires 2 Totems to Evolve and the Proper Stones

Check Strategies for Fast Evolution to max, not many people know the amazing trick

Tier Req.: Full Evolution Requirements
Garnet/Epic 1 Lv 30+ Garnet Totem

1 Lv 30 Garnet Totem

3 Totem Evolution Stone

5 Totem Catalyst Stone

Topaz/Legendary 1 Lv 40+ Topaz Totem

1 Lv 40 Topaz Totem

6 Totem Evolution Stone

10 Totem Catalyst Stone

Ruby/Mythic 1 Lv 50+ Ruby Totem

1 Lv 50 Ruby Totem

12 Totem Evolution Stone

20 Totem Catalyst Stone

Gold/Celesital Max Tier No More Evolution Requirement

Artifact Evolve:

Artifact Evolve

Artifact is Extremely Powerful in the hands of angels, Used Right and Equipped Right it will Empower your Angel and your Heroes too

League of Angels Legend: an Angel can Destroy a Whole Team in 1 Blow, in 1st Turn

Well the Truth is the Legend is True, but no one knows how... We have theories, and Very little people have witnessed the Legend. but your List of Requirements is here

Check the Artifact Page, for more info Thank you for Reading

Tiers Req. Artifact Requirements: Some Rules:
Uncommon 1 Lv 30+ Uncommon Artifact

1 Lv 30 Uncommon Artifact

1 Artifact Essence

Burnished Artifacts CANT BE Consumed
Opal/Rare 1 Lv 35+ Rare Artifact

1 Lv 35 Rare Artifact

5 Artifact Essence

Has to be Unequipped Artifact, to be used as Evolution Material
Garnet/Epic 1 Lv 40+ Epic Artifact

1 Lv 40 Epic Artifact

20 Artifact Essence

Topaz/Legendary 1 Lv 45+ Legendary Artifact

1 Lv 45 Legendary Artifact

50 Adv. Artifact Essence

Ruby/Mythic 1 Lv 50+ Mythic Artifact

1 Lv 50 Mythic Artifact

100 Adv. Artifact Essence

Gold/Celestial Max Tier Requirement

No More Evolve from here

Amulet Evolve: