Battle Rating: The Higher your Battle Rating is, the Higher your Performance in Battle, Mainly Calculated Basic Stats (ATK, HP, DEF) and Various other Stats, Advance, Etc

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Boosting Battle Rating:

Boosting BR

by Clicking the button [Battle Rating] or the [Guide] Button you will access the Boosting Battle Rating menu

B.R. Breakdown:

This breaks down to the smallest to know what you have improved

+Player Battle Rating

  • Base Attributes: Boost Level
  • Equipment: Enchance all Equipment, upgrade all etc
  • Skill: Awakening Skills, and other skills
  • Astral: Boosted by Level
  • Title: Increase in Prestige to level title
  • Guild Bonus: Level Guild Flag, Guild level, and Guild Bonus, (And Alliance)
  • Dragonsoul: Boost your Dragonsouls up

+Hero Battle Rating

  • Base Attributes: Boost Level, Rebirth and Boost level again
  • Equipment: Enchance All Equipment, upgrade it all, Etc
  • Spiritsoul Training: Train Train and Train some more
  • Soulrise: Upgrade using blessed Stones
  • Dragonsoul: Level up Dragonsoul

+Angel Battle Rating

  • Base Attributes: Boost Angel's Level
  • Aegis: All Aegis' Stack and boost ALL Angels

+Mount Battle Rating

  • Base Attributes: Boost Level, Mount Bonuses (from other mounts)
  • Spiritsoul Training: Train Train and Train more to +50, Max is +65
  • Upgrade: use Bless Stones to upgrade


  • All Other Functions: all that is not on this list adds up even more

Rec. Strategy

Boost B.R Methods (ALL) Values Currencies Gained/Required
Level 20-30 Recruit 5Star Level, EXP
Level 31-40 Forge-Enhance 5star Level, Gold
Level 41-50 Angel-Bond 4.5Star Level, Prestige
Level 51-60 Character-Skills 4star Level, EXP
Level 61-70 Astral 2star Level, EXP
How to Boost Fishing 5star Level, EXP, Gold
EXP Mount Upgrade 4star Level, EXP
Gold Drills 3star Level, EXP
Warsoul Angel-Aegis 4star Level, EXP, Gold
Prestige Team Dungeon 5star Level, EXP, Warsoul
Armor Sets Garden 5star Level, EXP, Warsoul, Gold
Erebus 5star Level, EXP, Gold, Sets
Dungeon Blitz 5star Level, EXP, Gold, Sets
Arena 5star Level, EXP, Warsoul, Gold, Sets
Zodiac 5star Level, EXP, Gold
Alchemy 3star Gold
WyrmRace 4star Gold
World Boss 4star Gold
Quiz 3star Gold

Basic Stats:

  • PATK - Increases Physical Dmg you inflict in Battle
  • MATK - Increases Magical Dmg you inflict in battle
  • ATK - a Mixture of Both Physical and Magical Dmg you inflict in Battle
  • PDEF - Decreases Physical Dmg Recieved in Battle
  • MDEF - Decreases Magical Dmg Recieved in Battle
  • DEF - a Mixture of Both Physical and Magical Decreases Dmg Recieved in battle
  • HP - Hit Points, improves your ability to Survive in Battle
  • Agility - improves your Speed of Attack in Battle (Effects your Order of your Turns Higher the more likely to go First)

Advanced Stats:

  • Hit -increases the Chance of hitting your opponent in Battle
  • Dodge - increases the Chance to Negate being Damage and Being hit in battle
  • Block - increases chance to Block Enemy's Attacks (Block: Reduces Dmg to 50%)
  • Crit - increases Chance to Deliver a Critical Hit/Attack (CRIT: Dmg Increases Least by 50%+)
  • Crit Damage - Increases Damage by a Critical Hit/Attack
  • END - Reduces chance and Damage of being inflicted by a Critical Hit/Attack

Class Resistance Stats:

  • Angel RES - Reduces Damage from Enemy Angel
  • Warrior RES - Reduces Damage from Enemy Warrior
  • Mage RES - Reduces Damage from Enemy Mage
  • Hunter RES - Reduce Damage from Enemy Hunter
  • Rogue RES - Reduces Damage from Enemy Rogue

Elemental Stats:

  • Fire DMG - Increases Fire Damage inflicted by an Attack
  • Fire RES - Reduces Fire Damage Recieved in battle
  • Ice DMG - Increases Ice Damage inflicted by an Attack
  • Ice RES - Reduces Ice Damage Recieved in Battle
  • Electro DMG - increases Electro Damage inflicted by an Attack
  • Electro RES - Reduces Electro Damage Recieved in Battle
  • Element DMG - a Mixture of Fire, Ice, Electro inflicted by an Attack
  • Element RES - a Mixture of Fire, Ice, Electro, Reduces all 3 Damages Recieved in battle

Battle Skill/Buffs/Debuffs/Status Effects:

  • Battle Skill - Buffs/Debuffs/Status Effects will be used at the beginning of Battle Lasts 2 turns
  • Stun - You Character will not Attack for 1-2Turns (Depends on skill)
  • Silence - Your Character Will Not Use Rage, But Can Attack for 1-2turns
  • Chaos - (Used to be Called "Disorder") Causes Enemy to Attack its own Team (turns into a Stun if Rage is max)
  • Regeneration - (Regen) Heals you or Recovers a % and/or Rage per Turn
  • Revival - Your Hero is Revived ! to 25% to 100% (Depends on Class, Armor, Skills)
  • Courage - Receive an Attack Gain a Immunity Shield (Hunter Only) Dragonsouls Skill
  • Backslash -Blocking or Dodging will Reduce the Attacker's Rage (Warrior Only)
  • Blade Vortex - Causes 1 Enemy Stun for 1 Turn (Heroic Ring) and Rogue Ability [Greater Effect]
  • Cannot Be Dodged - 100% Hit Attack some skills will have this effect
  • Rebound - (Strike back) Inflicts DMG Back to the attacker Certain %
  • Counterstrike - Allows you to counter attack an Enemy

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