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Angel is a Special Function that Allows you to Improve your Power, Angels, and your Team


Each angel has its own attack skill, and halo, which provides strategic buffs to different members of your party. there are alot of Angels

Angel Function

Other Functions inside Angels: Edit

Hallowed Hall Angels Edit

Angels: Angel Icon: Level: Prestige Rank:
Nocturna Nil Lv 8 Nil
Lunaria Lunaria's Icon Lv 10 Nil
Claudia Claudia's Icon Lv 10
Sylvia Nil Knight
Prospera Nil
Loralei Loralei's Icon
Marina Marina's Icon
Glacia Glacia's Icon
Boadicea Boadicea's Icon
Angelina Angelina's Icon
Nyssa Nyssa's Icon
Aoede Aoede's Icon
Amora Amora's Icon
Polly Polly's Icon
Styx Styx's Icon
Mikaela Mikaela's Icon
Pandora Pandora's Icon
Vienna Vienna's Icon
Alecta Alecta's Icon
Seraphim Seraphim's Icon
Isolde Isolde's Icon
Demeter Demeter's Icon
Fortuna Fortuna's Icon
Kay Kay's Icon
Grace Grace's Icon
Bacchus Bacchus' Icon
Aurora Aurora's Icon
Apocalypse Apocalypse's Icon
Varda Varda's Icon
Noelle Noelle's Icon
Rapheal Rapheal's Icon
Hemera Hemera's Icon
Serrin Serrin's Icon *Rare
Sunniva Sunniva's Icon
Frigg Frigg's Icon *Rare
Theia Theia's Icon
Aphrodite Aphrodite's Icon
Eostre Eostre's Icon
Victoriana Victoriana's Icon *Perma-Rare
Athena Athena's Icon *Very Rare
Ysera Ysera's Icon
Themis Themis' Icon
Zveda Zveda's Icon
Elena Elena's Icon
Kali Kali's Icon
Isolde Isolde's Icon
From Goddess Alliance
Venus (女神聯盟) Venus's Icon
Hera (女神聯盟) Hera's Icon
Chang E (女神聯盟) Chang E's Icon

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